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Connecting directly from the production floor to a facility’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and management team boosts the value of the data. However, when a shop has a mix of new and legacy equipment, uniformly using that data can be difficult.

Acquiring Production Data From Legacy Equipment

Manufacturing Engineering, May 2020

Smaller shops are reaping benefits ranging from solving quality issues to attracting and keeping talent.

No Shop Too Small for Industry 4.0

Modern Machine Shop

Excellerant transforms the daily operations of this 36-employee, family-owned CNC shop. Machine monitoring evolves from a progress-tracking tool to a foundational element of quoting, scheduling and process planning.

CNC Data Unleashes Shop Management System

Fabricating & Metalworking

Excellerant connects every CNC machine tool controller, no matter the brand, so that shops of all sizes can monitor and manage each machine’s data in real-time and send that data to the company MES and/or ERP systems for more accurate forecasts and dynamic scheduling.

Driving Towards Seamless Factory Connectivity

Production Machining

A New Hampshire high-volume precision solutions manufacturer and an innovative software solutions provider have collaborated in upgrading the shop’s data collection and organization methods, maximizing output and competitiveness.

Manufacturing Data Collection and Management Transforms Swiss Shop

Production Machining

Eastec 2019: Excellerant enables small to large manufacturers the ability to connect CNC machine tool controllers.

Excellerant Software Runs Reports in Real Time

Modern Machine Shop

Excellerant is the name of a system designed to simplify data-driven manufacturing at the shopfloor level, connecting CNCs across brands to send data to MES and ERP systems.

Excellerant Connects Machine Tools Across Brands and Protocols

Eastec Online

New at EASTEC 2019 – Excellerant Connects and Collects Shop Floor CNC Machine Data in Real Time

Excellerant at Eastec 2019

Modern Machine Shop

IMTS 2018: Excellerant API universal decoder provides the ability to connect every CNC machine tool controller.

Decoder Enables Connected Monitoring of Each Machine's Data
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