CNC Machine Monitoring & IIoT Platform

Excellerant is a real-time machine data and communications platform designed to connect and integrate your entire manufacturing process.

Excellerant - Manufacturing Technology. Simplified.

Excellerant is a server-centralized manufacturing platform that connects all of your machine tools, integrates real-time data in and out of your ERP, and simplifies collaboration across your entire shop floor.

Excellerant simplifies the collection of manufacturing data, allowing you to assess machine performance and utilization quickly, accurately, and objectively.

Equip every level of manufacturing – from operators to executives – with the tools and data required to make better, more informed decisions.

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Inspire a Culture of Collaboration

Excellerant is built on the premise that your employees are your greatest assets.

Our vision for IIoT and Industry 4.0 is to create a cultural shift where increased communication and productivity is embraced across all staff levels.

Explore how Excellerant connects your staff.

Save Time, Eliminate Paperwork

  • Signal that a part is complete
  • Calculate run-time and idle-time by job, cycle, or shift
  • Report parts as conforming or nonconforming
  • Electronically push data to your ERP and other systems​
  • Understand precisely why a machine is down
  • Raise warnings to prevent machines from going offline
  • Communicate machine and operator needs and requirements
  • View daily/shift progress and measure against quotas and expectations


  • Record a timeline of machine operations and statuses
  • Compare actual-to-expected machine output
  • Assess the current status of each machine
  • Determine when a machine last produced a part
  • Identify production bottlenecks and inhibitors
  • Receive alerts about threats to planned production levels
  • Forecast the completion time of orders
  • Calculate actual-to-expected completion times
  • Estimate required machine and operator hours for timely completion
  • Eliminate the frustrating data time lag
  • Increase ERP data accuracy
  • Enhance the power and usefulness of your ERP and other systems


Excellerant fortifies your existing systems, keeping them up-to-date and enabling them to function more efficiently and accurately.

​Excellerant’s real-time data and syncing contribute to better decision making and confident forecasting.

Excellerant’s simple, clear interface enables you to maximize resource utilization, calculate the costs and benefits of potential investments, and facilitate dynamic scheduling of your machines and staff

Connect your entire shop

Any brand, any protocol.

How it works

Step 1


One portal for all of your manufacturing devices.

It has never been easier to integrate shop floor data into a company’s manufacturing process.

​Many modern CNCs come equipped with options that make connecting to Excellerant as simple as plugging in an ethernet cable or connecting to WiFi.

Specialty or legacy devices can be linked through serial communications or an added PLC – regardless of control type or device age.

WireFreeCNC WF3
Connect to any tool or PLC, wired or wireless.
Step 2


Bridge the gap between the shop floor and the front office.

Powerful as they are, ERP systems are not the full solution — they cannot process what they cannot see.

Manufacturing data is so complex and non-uniform that ERP and MES systems often struggle to reach even basic manufacturing environment data. As a result, the front office remains critically separated from the shop floor.

The Excellerant platform conforms a vast array of data streams and makes them accessible in an elegant, logical, and adaptable computing environment.

Excellerant Machine Performance
Get the most out of your existing ERP and MES.
Step 3


Access machine data and reports from any device.

Because Excellerant is a server-based platform, client deployment is as simple as opening a web browser from any device.

Easily deploy tablets with operator-specific inputs for each machine tool. Mount industrial displays for real-time production schedules across your plant. View machine state and data reports from any PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Client access is unlimited, so you can add additional users and displays at any time, with no additional licensing fees.

Digitize your production board.

Key Features


Collect data from any machine, new or legacy. Every brand, make, and model.


Real-time data translation into ERP, MES, and Machine Learning systems.


Collaborate effortlessly with built-in chat and job note functionality.


Zero client installs. Connect from any device with a web browser.


Our admin portal makes it simple to add additional clients at any time.


Easily add new machine tools and sensors. Excellerant grows with you.


“The accuracy of information that’s coming into our ERP system is exponentially better than what it was before. We have been able to improve the accuracy of our costs and increase our value to our customers.”

Dan Villemaire,
C&M Machine Products

“‘ERP has become a more powerful tool. I can pull it up at any time and find out what’s happening with a customer’s parts. If we’re not on pace, we can fix it.”

Rory Miller,
McMellon Bros.

Excellerant - Manufacturing Technology. Simplified.

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